FENG CHA blends tea’s natural and harmonious spirit and modern and healthy concept, to create a new style of cafe that offers relaxing store atmosphere and healthy food and drinks.

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Refreshing beverages and delicious pastries and bread that will help kick off and make your entire day.

Brand Interpretation


FENG CHA: serving tea with greatest respect and esteem


Creating a relaxing zone to study, work and have fun!


The spark that launched FENG CHA came from a seemingly benign experience. In the earlier part of 2016, our Founder was an experienced professional worked in multiple industries. He has great exposure to the diverse workforce and discovers the growing trend in tea beverage market. He started his search and the meeting with Feng Cha China team was an unforgettable memory.

Starting from Mid-2016, more than 200 franchisees joined Feng Cha in China by the end of 2016; more than a third of them already opened their Feng Cha teahouses in China. Desiring to expand this success beyond the Chinese market, Feng Cha USA developed a detailed plan in developing the USA market, through rigorous adherence to the founding principles, practices, and procedures as implemented by our Feng Cha franchisees, FENG CHA USA will become the successful model to follow.